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Iceni Audio record decks are British designed and manufactured to the highest standards, using the finest, sustainably sourced materials.

A continuous process of research and development ensures that new technologies and materials are embraced in all our products. 

Our record decks deliver impressive clarity of definition, transparency to the source, and excellent overall tonal balance. It is our intention to supply you with a product that will last a lifetime and give you a lifetime’s enjoyment of listening to music.

The Plinth

The plinth is made from two layers of the highest quality birch wood ply, laminated together to form a 40mm plinth.

Each piece is CNC machined to ensure the highest levels of accuracy prior to laminating. The resulting structure is very light but also very stiff.

Once bonded under high pressure the plinth is hand veneered to the customer’s taste. A variety of wood veneers are available, a plain black veneer is also available. The plinths are hand finished, then polished with Danish oil and natural beeswax.

Each plinth is held upon three isolation cones, various options are available. Standard cones are either black acetyl or aluminium with a hardened tip and are height adjustable for perfect levelling. A Sorbothane option is available.

Currently the standard geometry of the plinth is for Rega fitment but other options are available upon request. 

The Platter

Iceni Audio platters are CNC machined from corian, a mixture of marble dust in a resin matrix, this material is both stiff and dense, giving the turntable its characteristic sound.

Bonded around the circumference of the platter are 22 CNC machined aluminium discs. Placing the weights at the outer edge has a flywheel effect which aids speed stability and the method of construction helps to prevent resonance within the platter.

Standard colour choice for the corian is either black or white, other colours may be available upon request. You can choose a natural-fibre or silicone-rubber mat.

The Arm

The Iceni Audio arm is currently undergoing development.

It has a 10 mm diameter carbon fibre arm tube, low friction bearings and a high quality CNC machined counterweight. The internal wiring is of the highest quality.

Currently, all Iceni Audio turntables are compatible with Rega arms. 

The Sub-Platter

The main bearing housing is precision machined from a brass alloy. The flange mounting allows for accurate positioning without compressing the plinth. A ceramic ball, contained in the base of the housing supports the shaft of the sub-platter ensuring a long life.

The sub-platter shaft is precision machined to be a good fit within the bearing housing, ensuring accurate rotation.

Iceni Audio sub-platters are CNC machined aluminium, serving as the drive wheel for the platter to ensure accurate speed and stability.

The Suspension

The suspension system is an Iceni Audio innovation. A 240V synchronous motor* is held in place by a 3D printed, flexible cradle. This serves to hold the motor accurately whilst ensuring that no vibration from the motor is transferred to the plinth and the platter and onto the record surface.
*A 24V motor option is available.

The drive pulley is rigidly mounted to the output shaft of the motor, there are currently two options:

• CNC machined two speed aluminium (33.3 and 45rpm)
• Single speed (33.3rpm) twin belt, CNC machined, aluminium

A high quality silicone drive belt transmits the power to the sub platter. Silicone drive belts have a more uniform cross section to ensure better speed stability.

The Protection

Each Turntable is supplied with a CNC machined 6mm thick acrylic cover, finished with flame edge polishing.

The main body sits upon the platter whilst two standoffs hold the section that protects the arm.

The standoffs can be made from a number of materials to suit your taste and the other colour options.

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